The Binns custom kitchen process

  • Step 1: Design consultation
  • Step 2: Ordering & organization
  • Step 3: Renovation

When you set out to design a kitchen, it’s not as simple as deciding what cabinets and tiling you want and slapping them together. Modern kitchen renovations are intricate ballets with a wide variety of moving parts and unforeseen complications waiting in the wings.

The Binns Process serves to simplify this complex operation with a personal kitchen designer guiding you along the five steps it will take to build your perfect custom kitchen.

Step 1: Custom kitchen design consultation

The first step to embarking on a kitchen renovation with Binns is sitting down for a custom kitchen design consultation with a Binns kitchen designer, either by dropping into one of our showrooms or scheduling a free consultation.

Each one of our award-winning kitchen designers is highly trained, industry certified and ready to help you visualize your custom kitchen or refine the vision you already have.

Once you agree on an overall style, you will discuss both the specifics of your space and they will introduce you to our trusted suppliers’ wares. We work with world renowned manufacturers including SieMatic and Artcraft and can find you elegant cabinetry that fits within your vision and price range.

Step 2: Ordering products and organizing kitchen contractors

Once you and your kitchen designer have settled on a custom kitchen design, we’ll order the cabinets and appliances you picked out, getting you the best deals through our connections with premiere manufacturers.

This logistics-heavy stage won’t require much of your direct involvement, but your kitchen designer will keep you appraised of all progress including shipments, timelines and estimates. Depending on the complexity of your custom kitchen and the various intricacies of modern kitchen renovations, this process could last anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months.

While you can take our design and construct it with kitchen contractors of your choice, our own full contracting service will be able to take on all aspects of the reno immediately, including installation, flooring and plumbing while collaborating with you, your designer, and our fulltime project manager.

Step 3: Kitchen renovation

Once all the materials are in and your start date confirmed, the physical labour begins. If you elect to work with our kitchen contracting service, our project manager will ensure key milestones are met and that you are kept appraised of the status of the job.

Likewise, if you have any concerns during the progress of the kitchen reno or with our contractors, they will address your concerns and pass your feedback to the work crew, avoiding the need for any awkward conversations on your part.

While unexpected, sometimes severe, complications can arise within a kitchen reno, Binns has never abandoned a project in our 58 years of operation. Once we start a kitchen renovation, you can guarantee we finish it.

Warranty claims

We stand by our projects, even once they’re completed. If any aspect of the installation didn’t meet your standards, you have a full year to make warranty claims on our work. Our trusted manufacturing partners, including SieMatic and Artcraft, also offer manufacturer warranties on most of their products and we can help you process your warranty claims with them.

Ready to start designing your perfect custom kitchen? Begin The Binns Process with a free design consultation!

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