Binns Kitchen + Bath Design’s
history of kitchen renovation excellence

From a humble business started in a Scarborough garage by British immigrants, to one of the leading bath and kitchen renovation companies in Ontario, Binns has embarked on quite the journey since we opened our first showroom in 1963. Learn how we went from offering kitchen design in Pickering to across the province in our Binns history timeline.

President’s Message

Thank you for visiting our web site and allowing us to inform you about “Binns kitchens + bath design”. Founded in 1963, “Binns kitchens + bath design” is a dynamic firm that has been serving the needs of southern Ontario and Canada for over 57 years. We have developed a tradition of high standards of professionalism and our aim is to give our clients expert advice, quality products and exceptional service.

I am proud of what Binns has accomplished in its fifty-seven year history, but I am more excited about our future. At Binns we are always striving to improve, look for new ideas and be problem solvers. It is my vision that Binns will always be an industry leader by making a continuous effort to do everything to the best of our ability.

We must listen to our client’s needs, wants and desires, and give them the correct balance between aesthetic appearance and function. From concept to completion, Binns will be there for you. Turning your dreams into reality, will be the secret to our success!

I thank you once again for visiting our web site and wish to extend my personal invitation to visit one of our large showrooms featuring exciting kitchen and bath displays. Come and meet the staff at “Binns” and discover why thousands of satisfied clients recommend “Binns” to their closest friends and family.

Raymond Binns


Joseph and Vera Binns immigrate to Canada from Britain, starting a kitchen renovation company out of their Scarborough home.


The first Binns kitchen showroom is opened, originally called The Kitchen Place, to provide kitchen design to Pickering.


Binns becomes the first North American kitchen renovation company to import luxury German cabinetry.


Raymond Binns joins the family business.


Binns helps co-found the Ontario chapter of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA).


Pickering kitchen showroom is expanded to 4500sq/ft.


Pickering kitchen showroom is further expanded to 6400sq/ft.


Raymond’s children, Keith and Beverly, begin working at Binns.


Our second, 5000sq/ft kitchen showroom is opened in the heart of downtown Toronto.


Raymond is inducted into the NKBA Ontario Hall of Fame.


Binns Kitchen + Bath celebrates 50th anniversary.

Whether you need kitchen design in Pickering or kitchen renovation help in Toronto, you can visit a Binns showroom or book a free design consultation to enlist 58 Years of expertise.

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