Curio Kitchen Display

If you’re looking to elevate your kitchen’s style and functionality, this kitchen display sale is a must-see. Featuring Miralis cabinets, Franke sink and faucets, and a stunning 36” Bertazzoni electric range, this display showcases the perfect combination of beauty and practicality.

Miralis cabinets are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design.

Complementing the Miralis cabinets are Franke sink and faucets. These products offer the perfect blend of style and functionality, with durable materials and innovative designs that make them ideal for any kitchen.

The Bertazzoni range has a sleek and timeless design and is sure to impress any home chef. With its high-quality features and advanced technology, cooking in your kitchen has never been easier or more enjoyable.

In this kitchen, the glass Curio cabinet takes center stage, providing the perfect opportunity to display your favorite kitchenware and decorative items. Its elegant glass doors and sleek metal frame are a welcome design element that enhances the beauty of the entire kitchen.

Come visit this display at our Pickering shworoom and see for yourself how the combination of Miralis cabinets, Franke sink and faucets, and a Bertazzoni electric range can transform your kitchen into a beautiful and functional space.

BINNS DISPLAY 09, Curio Kitchen

  PriceSale Price
Miralis Cabinets   
7 Cabinets, 3511 Similaquer SF118-M Velvet Gray$2,698.00  
2 Cabinets, 3561B4 Similaquer SF118-M Velvet Gray$2,698.00  
2 Cabinets, 2124 Uniboard K24 Dalia, Swquoia   
4 Cabients, 1133 Uniboard K24 Dalia, Swquoia   
Glass Curio Cabinet$30,650.00Less 60%$12,260.00
Top Knobs Hardware$299.00Less 60%$119.60
Cambria Quartz Countertop (No Charge)$ – $ –
Franke Sink & Faucets    
Franke CUX110-31 Sink   
35806970 (wall rough-in)   
Franke CUW24-36S Bottom/Shelf Grid   
Glass Cutting Board CUW-40S   
Cutting Mat SP-40S   
Coolander CUW-70S   
Drain Cover PKGCVR   
Strainer Assembly Chrome 1145$ 6,690.00Less 60%$1,476.00
Other Franke Product   
Pull Down Faucet FF3452SS$1,065.00  
Hot/Cold Filtered Faucet LB13250SS$775.00  
Soap Dispenser SD3450SS$370.00  
Garborator FWDJ75 3/4HP$470.00  
FRCHNSTR100 Filtration Canisdter$355.00  
Little Butler Instant Hot HT-300$605.00  
Little Butler Chiller C-200$1,570.00  
 $5,210.00Less 60%$2,084.00
Bertazzoni Electric Range, PROF365INSNET   
36″ Pro.series Range, Elec.self clean oven, 5.$18,129.00  
abor Hood INLT28SS600, 28″ In Light SS 600 CFM$1,739.00  
Fabor Standard Liner LINE36ST 36-Inca HC, Inca Smart$179.00  
Charcoal Filter Kit FILTER1$99.00  
 $20,246.00Less 60%$8,098.40
 Total Price Sale Price
 $60,095.00 $24,038.00

Does not include Miele dishwasher.
Does not include: Taxes, Labours, Shipping
If the countertop is damaged during removal Binns, would refund purchase price of countertop, not replacement.
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