NKBA Awards Gala 2023

Posted on March 3, 2023 in Awards, Bathrooms, Binns, Kitchens, SieMatic, SieMatic SLX

Binns kitchen + bath design, a leading design firm specializing in kitchen and bath design, recently made a big splash at the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) Ontario Design Awards by winning a total of seven design awards. This is a significant achievement for the company, which has been dedicated to providing high-quality design solutions to homeowners and contractors for 60 years.

The NKBA Ontario Design Awards is an annual event that recognizes outstanding achievements in kitchen and bath design. The event attracts designers, architects, contractors, and other industry professionals from across Ontario, Canada. This year’s awards ceremony was held in Concord, Ontario and the winners were announced on February 25, 2023.

Binns was recognized in seven categories, including:

  1. Pinnacle Award (Erica Sibley & Beverley Binns) Best Overall
  2. 1st Place – Medium Kitchen (Erica Sibley & Beverley Binns)
  3. 1st Place – Small Kitchen (Erica Sibley)
  4. 2nd Place – Small Bathroom (Erica Sibley)
  5. Best Before & After Bathroom (Erica Sibley)
  6. Best Budget Friendly Kitchen (Erica Sibley)
  7. 3rd Place – Small Kitchen (Christina Fox)
Back (Raymond Binns, Christina Fox, Beverley Binns, Erica Sibley, Keith Binns) Front (Sienna Binns)

These awards highlight the company’s excellence in design and its commitment to providing innovative and functional solutions to clients. 

Binns is known for its personalized approach to design, which involves working closely with clients to understand their vision and preferences. This approach has earned the company a reputation for delivering beautiful and functional spaces that exceed clients’ expectations.

The firm’s constant success at the NKBA Ontario Design Awards is a testament to its dedication to providing high-quality design solutions. It also demonstrates the company’s ability to stay at the forefront of industry trends and innovations.

Binns has been serving clients in the Greater Toronto Area since 1963. Over the years, the company has built a strong reputation for delivering exceptional design solutions and unparalleled customer service. The company’s team of experienced designers, project managers, and tradespeople work closely together to ensure that each project is completed to the highest standards.

Binns’ success at the NKBA Ontario Design Awards is a significant achievement and a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence in design and the hard work of the design and project team. The company’s ability to tailor each design to meet clients’ unique needs and preferences has earned it a reputation as one of the leading design firms in the Greater Toronto Area. As Binns continues to innovate and deliver exceptional design solutions, it is sure to maintain its position as a leader in the industry for years to come.

1st Place – Small Kitchen & Budget Friendly Kitchen – Designer Erica Sibley

2nd Place – Small Bathroom & Best Before and After – Designer Erica Sibley
Pinnacle & 1st Place Medium Kitchen: Featuring SieMatic SLX – Designers Erica Sibley & Beverley Binns

Pinnacle & 1st Place Medium Kitchen: Featuring SieMatic SLX – Designers Erica Sibley & Beverley Binns

3rd Place – Small Kitchen – Designer Christina Fox


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